Rest in Peace, Grandma Ng

Late last night, I received news that my best friend Nadia’s grandma passed away yesterday, and my heart grieves with the Chow family for their loss. I didn’t even know her well or see her often, but I have known her for as long as I can remember. I empathize with their family because it is sad to lose a beloved family member even though she was old and we are glad she is no longer suffering. I had made plans to visit her at the hospital today, but never mind about that now…

It doesn’t come as a shock because the doctors thought it would happen anytime last July before Nadia’s brother Ivan got married in August, but she ended up staying around for longer. She had a tea ceremony for both her grandchildren getting married at her nursing home, and even made it to Nadia’s Chinese reception in October. Praise God she was able to see both Ivan and Nadia married and meet her new grandchildren-in-law, which I’m sure was exciting for her.

My family is blessed to have known this grandma for all my life and to have received her kindness and generosity. I am thankful for the recent opportunities I spent with her when she got admitted to UCSF Hospital last July and later the nursing home in Cupertino, especially on Christmas Day. My mom visited her frequently and sometimes I went with her in the last month when she was still at the nursing home. She seemed to be in discomfort and refused to eat much, but thank God for His mercy on her so she is no longer suffering. We will miss her, but we will see her someday!

Please pray for the Chow family during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Grandma Ng




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