January Recap

January was a great start to 2015 with lots of exciting events and progress towards some resolutions that I didn’t officially set in stone because I don’t want to fail again like last year haha.


1/5 + 1/9: Kicked off women’s group with a leaders meeting (starting to co-lead South Bay group with Jenn Chab this year!) and a joint women’s group hangout at Boiling Crab!

1/8: Reunion vchat with graduate school friends, which is always fun! Michelle got engaged and Em recovered from surgery in Dec 2014, Deph is busy wedding planning, and Tera is loving life as usual.

1/10: Brunch with Mom at Rosie McCann’s in Santana Row.

1/11: My best friend Nadia and her husband Joby was home from Milwaukee. We hung out and caught up with Serena for a few hours!

1/11-13: My brother was home for 3 days, 2 nights to work at the SF office. We celebrated what would have been our parents’ 35th anniversary at Lark Creek Blue in Santana Row! We also had Slice of New York for the first time before I dropped him off at the airport, and it was yummy!

1/16-18: I went on my first Pillar ski trip, didn’t get hurt, and had a lot of fun! (see Pillar Ski Trip 2015)

1/18: Basil got ordained as an elder at Pillar Baptist Church!

1/22: My best friend Nadia’s grandma passed away (see Rest in Peace, Grandma Ng)

1/24: Brian left for Australia for work, so I got to swing by and say goodbye.

1/30: Celebrated the 100th day of school with my class with a fun day of 100th day activities!

1/31: Hosted a mahjong + games night at my house!


Finished reading Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians

Ever since my mom hurt her lower back over winter break, I have started helping around the house! I have vacuumed, mopped the floors, gotten down on all fours to wipe down the kitchen and bathroom floors, and cleaned the toilets twice… and that totally kills my back, I don’t know how my mom has been doing it all these years at her age…

Finished 2 books – Orphan Train and Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire (see their book reviews)

Started working out with T25 and the gym with Auntie Sharon! Haven’t gone more than 3 days without working out, which is a huge improvement from not exercising since April last year.


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