The Serena Post

When I first moved back home, I went over to my best friend Serena’s house so often that it was like my second home. Some of our fun times together included eating dinner with her family, watching movies, and… painting my nails, something Serena does best. (The only 3 bottles of nail polish I own, she either went with me to buy or bought for me.) Last night was the first time in maybe a year that I did all of the above with her again – tagged along with her family to go out for dinner even though I already had my dinner, watched Big Hero 6 (which was so entertaining!), and tried out her new nail polish. So, this post is dedicated to Serena for all her posts on her new nail polish hahaha you have to see the beauty stuff on her blog, qoomui, to know what I mean!

Stealing Serena’s pose for modeling nail polish…sephora1Apparently, hand modeling is not easy. It took me a good handful of shots and a waste of time to try to copy Serena’s pose. This makes my thumb and palm look chubs too.

So I decided to have my own take on modeling nail polish…sephora2Now it looks like I’m going RAWR!

Serena told me to try out this new nail polish because she thought I would like it, and she sure knows me well. I only like nail polish with neutral colors on me… aka emo, I know. Just as Serena said, the nail polish was smooth, easy to apply, and came out with this nice, bold gray color. She got this from a Sephora sale for $0.80… what a steal deal! And she didn’t tell me about it?? jk!

Here’s to hoping Serena and I will have more fun times together this year! Thankful for my only best friend who is local! <3

(This post started out as a joke with Serena because she blogs about nail polish, but it was amusing, ridiculous, and different from my usual. It goes to show that even though Serena and I are so different, we have been best friends since birth haha love you, bff!)


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