Hiking Las Trampas Devil’s Hole Loop

On Saturday, I woke up earlier than I do for work, rode in a car for almost an hour to go up north to San Ramon for a moderate 6.6-mile hike with views of Mt. Diablo and Oakland Hills with some Pillar friends! The hike was good, but looong and exhausting because the trail was such a tease.

{ Hike } Las Trampas Regional Wilderness: 18012 Bollinger Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA 94583.


I should have read the trail guide beforehand, so that I would have had a better idea of how the hike would go. We hiked straight up for about 1 mile, at which point it felt a lot like Mission Peak in Fremont, which is steadily steep the whole way up. After what felt like reaching the top, we went all the way back down with pretty panoramic views of the bay and rolling hills and climbed some cool rock formations along the way. When we thought we were almost done with the hike, we realized we were only half way done and the only way to get back to our car was to go up another big incline and then go back down. It took us about 3 hours to finish the loop.

The hike was a good workout and mentally exhausting because we didn’t know what to anticipate as we went up and down, and then up and down again. I liked how the trail had a bit of everything – the inclines for the workout, the wide paved paths and the narrow grassy paths for the variety, the find-your-step among the rocks for the thrill, the cool rock formations for the adventure (the monkey in me loves climbing rocks!), and the deer, hawks, and pretty views of God’s creation! The weather was nice but very windy, which actually worked to our advantage because it pushed us along the path and thankfully not off the ridges. It was a good time to go on this trail because it would be too hot in the summer or muddy other times of the year.

IMG_20150131_093336574 IMG_20150131_100119 IMG_20150131_101859354_HDRIMG_20150131_110542IMG_20150131_111740IMG_20150131_113522IMG_20150131_113705

{ Lunch } Fat Maddie’s Grille: 2005 Crow Canyon Pl, Ste 142, San Ramon, CA 94583.


The hike was so long that we thought about lunch the whole time. We yelped it and found Fat Maddie’s Grille about a mile away. I tried my first burger in sourdough bread, and it was yummy!

ordered – Cali Burger (cheddar, chipotle, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion on sourdough)IMG_20150131_130631

{ Dessert } Meadowlark Dairy: 57 West Neal Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566.


After lunch, we treated ourselves to soft serve ice cream at Meadowlark Dairy in Pleasanton, which I had seen my friends post on Instagram and been wanting to try for a while. The drive thru was unique. The ice cream was cheap ($2 for small, $2.25 for medium, and $2.50 for large, so of course I got the large!) and refreshing on a warm day. My strawberry-vanilla swirl was pretty, but it wasn’t flavorful. I could barely taste the strawberry flavor, and the texture was icy instead of creamy. I liked the experience, but it was not tasty enough to go back. Perhaps it was too hyped up for me. My friends said chocolate was good though, so maybe I will try other flavors someday.

ordered – Large strawberry-vanilla swirl ($2.50)IMG_20150131_142121 IMG_20150131_142236 IMG_20150131_142459 IMG_20150131_142431

Yay for a productive Saturday and fellowship with Pillar friends, which continued with exploring South Bay eats close to home at night. Stay tuned for a post on the latter half of my Saturday!


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