The Curse of the Flat Tire

On Sunday, I got another flat tire on the newest tire that I got from my last flat tire this past July. In 7 months, between my family and my relatives in NY who were with us for the first flat tire that started it all, we got 5 flat tires on 4 different cars. Mine is the only one with 2 flat tires. The curse of the flat tire, or what? I even check my tire pressure regularly! Praise God for His protection and our safety in every single one!

June 2013 – On our way to catch our flights home after our family vacation in Seattle with relatives from NY, we got a flat tire on our rental car 10 miles from the airport on the freeway.

July 2013 – I got a flat tire on the way home and didn’t know until I pulled out of my garage later and noticed my car oddly lopsided. The front tire of the driver’s side was completely deflated and started making tire marks on my driveway.

Still July 2013 – A week after mine, my mom got a flat tire while driving down our street.

August 2013 – My relatives in NY got a flat tire over there.

Sunday – It happened when I left church on my way to dinner with Pillar friends. My car sounded odd, so I tried to listen for it. I thought it might be a flat tire, but there wasn’t a safe spot to stop on the side of the road because there were so many cars whizzing by the driver’s side, which was where the noise was coming from. After surviving 3 miles, I was about to turn into the restaurant’s plaza when the car next to me had their windows down to tell me I had a flat tire on the back tire of the driver’s side. Thankfully, I found a parking spot, and by then, the tire was completely deflated, but no damage was done to the wheel. I was going to call AAA, but my guy friends put on the spare tire for me! It only took like 20 minutes, and I still got to enjoy dinner with friends and play badminton at the Pillar gym before taking my time driving home at 40 mph in the far right lane with my emergency lights on. I was surprised no one honked or high-beamed me and thankful that I made it home safely! The next day, Costco found a small nail on the top of the tire and patched it up under warranty, so thankfully, that was taken care of quickly!

I went to sleep on Sunday night, super thankful for all my praises to God from this incident…

Thank God I was not going straight home after church and driving on the freeway.

Thank God I was heading somewhere with my friends so they were there to help me.

Thank God for the nice couple who told me I had a flat tire.

Thank God I made it to the restaurant’s plaza and found a parking spot at the right time.

Thank God for Pillar brothers (Jon, Mike, Pat, Stephen, and David) who put on the spare tire!

Thank God it was not raining or dark yet when they were putting on the spare tire.

Thank God I didn’t have to wait for hours for AAA.

Thank God I made it home safely.

Thank God my mom was out of town so I could use her car to get to work on Monday.

Thank God I could take care of the flat tire before my mom was back, I feel so independent!

There is so much to be thankful for in every moment! But no more flat tires pleaseee!


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