Valentine’s Day 2015

Another year of making handmade valentine cards for my students… can’t believe this is my 4th year of teaching already. A month ago, I found a pack of 60 mini owl erasers for $1 at Target when I needed cash back and thought it would be perfect for my valentine cards because my school mascot is an owl. I was planning on making owl punny valentine cards like “OWL always be thankful to have you as my student” or the ones on pinterest like “OWL be your valentine” or “You’re a HOOT!” or “HOO loves you?” or “WHOO’s wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day?” but my Kindergarteners wouldn’t be able to read them. I decided against being more creative, so I copied what I did for my first year of teaching on Valentine’s Day 2012, exchanging chocolate kisses for the mini owl erasers. (See Valentine’s Day 2014 for my other handmade valentine cards last year.) My students got excited for the mini owl erasers, so it was a success!

IMG_20150211_valentinecards1 IMG_20150211_valentinecards2 IMG_20150211_valentinecards3

Of all the gifts I got from my students, this one is the cutest and most creative. It was handmade by her and her mom, and it is perfect to decorate my classroom for Valentine’s Day every year!

IMG_20150204_valentinegiftfromstudentHope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day weekend and President’s Day if you had work off today. I’m thankful for the start of February break!!! Freedom to sleep in, but hopefully be productive too!


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