Moving Schools Next Year

Follow-up on my work update!

Last Monday, I emailed HR with my decision on volunteering to move schools (← see recap). Then I spent all last week researching and ranking 14 vacant schools with my spreadsheet that made my brain fried and eyes blind from looking at and comparing numbers, which all came down to percentages of demographics, recent test scores, parent and staff climate surveys, etc. I drove by 5 schools thinking that would help me to decide, but all elementary schools look pretty much the same except for the paint job. I had no clue how the school selection process would go at HR last Thursday, but everything worked out so well! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!

PRAISE THE GOOD LORD!!!!! I got my top choice school! Plus my closest coworker next door (who is also Christian and my teaching partner) is transferring to the same school! I don’t know my grade level yet and might not find out for months, but I am open to teaching Kindergarten to 3rd grade. There seems to be two 1st grade and one 4th grade position open at the school. It would be crazy if my coworker and I end up in the same grade level at a different school, but we will see. It is amazing to see how God answered prayers, even more than I could have hoped for!

Last Thursday at HR, there were about 16 volunteers from the 4 low-income schools in the district who are affected by the reduction. Among the volunteers, it seemed like I was the youngest, so I thought I would be one of the last by seniority to pick schools. I was surprised that my seniority was right in the middle of the group, and there were quite a few good schools to choose from by the time it was my turn. It turned out that the volunteers had different preferences for schools. Thankfully, most of the volunteers who went before me picked schools I wasn’t interested in, so I actually had the opportunity to pick a school from one of my top choices!

Next year, I will be working at Shall-in-burger Elementary!! (Of course it’s not spelled that way haha I’m avoiding my blog from popping up on google.) As a better performing school in south San Jose with different demographics and better socioeconomic status than my current school in downtown San Jose, it will give me a different teaching experience that I was hoping to get out of this transfer! The commute is 9 miles or 15-20 mins against traffic, which is almost the same as my current school. But school starts at 8:20, which means I should really enjoy my sleep until 8 now before I have to start getting up at 6-ish like most teachers do. I will be a true grandma then.

Please pray that I would continue to trust in God with my transition to the new school next year and that I would be faithful to finish up the school year at my current school.

Shall-in-burger Elementary, here I come!



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