25 Years and Going with My Bestie

To my best friend for 25 years and going!

This post comes 3 weeks after her 25th birthday, but I surprised her with this photo calendar that came just in time when I took her out to dinner 2 days before her birthday. It took about a week every night after work to gather photos from hard copies to hard drives and design the pages, but I had a good time reminiscing and cherishing great memories together these past 25 years. I’m excited for many more memories to come too! So thankful for Serena and our friendship ♥

serenascalendar-cover serenascalendar-march2015 serenascalendar-april2015 serenascalendar-may2015 serenascalendar-june2015 serenascalendar-july2015 serenascalendar-august2015 serenascalendar-september2015 serenascalendar-october2015 serenascalendar-november2015 serenascalendar-december2015 serenascalendar-january2016 serenascalendar-february2016


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