Janny & Jonny’s Wedding

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Janny & Jonny!

April 4, 2015 — Nella Terra Cellars, Sunol

It has been a blessing to see Janny and Jonny’s relationship grow from the beginning. I was in small group with Janny when she first came to Pillar and later became saved and baptized that year. It was also then when I picked up clues that Jonny liked Janny. Somehow he moved from one end of the table to the other end to score a seat right next to Janny who was sitting across from me at Tea Papa for dinner one Sunday after church. I still remember bits of our conversation and how it seemed like Jonny was interested in getting to know Janny better. A few weeks later, Jonny planned a Labor Day hiking trip and bbq at Janny’s house. Then sometime after that, Janny giggled to break the news in small group that Janny and Jonny started dating!

It was a joy to celebrate with Janny and Jonny on their special day and an honor to be able to help in the smallest way. I was asked to take care of the Chab kids leading up to the ceremony and send them down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl, but I didn’t know that would mean getting to be with the beautiful bridal party in the last half hour before the ceremony. It also meant good photo opportunities with the handsome ring bearer and beautiful flower girl. Thanks to Jen, we had so much fun with the Chab kids and managed to get them down the aisle with Noey being a pro at tossing flower petals and Evan charging down the aisle. The rest of the evening was the perfect way to celebrate with Janny and Jonny with lots of laughing and dancing!

IMG_20150404_162642IMG_20150404_162637IMG_20150404_163316 IMG_20150404_164112 IMG_20150404_163402 IMG_20150404_163406IMG_20150404_163320dsc04385screen-shot-2015-04-05-at-1-28-53-am (above 2 photos courtesy of Jen)

IMG_20150404_164330IMG_20150404_164403IMG_20150404_170527 IMG_20150404_174109IMG_20150404_171230IMG_20150404_171300IMG_20150404_171352IMG_20150404_173007IMG_20150404_173503IMG_20150404_173527IMG_20150404_193303IMG_20150404_212541



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