Teaching 1st Grade Next Year

Part 3 of my work update!

In mid-March, I took the risk of volunteering to move schools (← Part 1) and decided that I will be moving schools next year (← Part 2) to Shall-in-burger Elementary with my coworker next door who has been my teaching partner for the past 3 years. Soon after choosing to transfer to Shall-in-burger, I found out that the principal there will be retiring next year, but that’s not so bad because then I won’t be the newbie in the eyes of the school’s brand new principal.

After 2 months of waiting for my grade level placement, I found out last Thursday my coworker and I will be teaching 1ST GRADE together at our new school next year!!! PRAISE THE LORD!

schallenberger1stgradeIn my last update, I said it would be crazy if my coworker and I end up in the same grade level again at a different school, but nothing is impossible with God. He answered our prayers, and this situation turned out to be the most ideal! It’s as if God just picked up my coworker and me from our Kindergarten positions and plopped us into 1st grade at a different school.

Even crazier, last Friday my principal offered me to stay here in my current Kindergarten position next year! This happened right as I was about to tell her that my coworker and I got 1st grade together and thank her for putting in a good word for us to the new school’s principal. It was too good to be true because I got the best of both worlds whether I chose to leave or stay. This is the second time that I was offered back my position after being cut and thinking I had to leave, which happened at my last school at the end of my 1st year. It has been quite an adventure!

Yesterday, I politely declined my principal’s offer. While it would be easy and lazy to stay because I wouldn’t have to change grade levels or classrooms or schools, I think it’s time for change! For 4 years, I have served the same community in downtown San Jose, so I want to learn from a different teaching experience. I also don’t want to pass up this opportunity to teach the same grade level with my coworker at a good school in the district without having to apply or interview.


Thank you for your prayers through this process!!! :) OUR GOD IS SO AMAZING!

My prayer request continues to be that I would trust in God with my transition to the new school next year and that I would be faithful to finish up this school year… 12 DAYS LEFT to pack up my classroom and say goodbye to my school! Gonna be busy, but I’m excited for the changes!


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