Memorial Day Hiking at Castle Rock

Castle Rock State Park: 15000 Skyline Blvd., Los Gatos, CA 95033

IMG_1890IMG_1907 IMG_1912 IMG_1914   IMG_20150525_113606PANO_20150525_113003IMG_1921 IMG_1926 IMG_1928 IMG_1933(Selfie stick/group photos courtesy of EY & Sora)

After hearing raves about Castle Rock a year ago, I organized a Memorial Day hike for Pillar to finally check out this place. We anticipated a moderate 3-hour hike that would take us around a 5.41 miles partial loop with 1,000 feet in elevation change. The hike ended up being an easy 6.4 miles (according to Charissa’s pedometer) in 2.5 hours. It was only moderate for the distance and some narrow and rocky paths, but overall, the hike felt more downhill than uphill and was much more scenic than steep. The weather was perfect, even a bit chilly and foggy in May, so we didn’t really notice when the path was unshaded. The view of the rolling hills and trees was beautiful and the rock formations were cool. It was hard to tell how much we had hiked in order to follow the directions I found online, so it was an adventure to find our way at every fork of the path. I think we ended up taking the exact route as planned even though we weren’t sure at the time and finished with an extra mile, but I’m glad I didn’t get us lost! I’m thankful for such a big turnout from Pillar and LBC on the hike and a full day spent with my Pillar family – hiking, lunch, chilling, jamming, and watching the Warriors game even though they lost Game 4 to win Game 5 at home. I’m excited for more fun times to come with Pillar this summer just like last year :)


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