Cooking with Blue Apron

I finished my 4th year of teaching and officially ended work last Friday (YAY!!!), but I am working a few days this week to pack and unpack between schools. Now that it’s SUMMER, I am trying to be productive with my free time. Thanks to Jen Lee, I scheduled my free Blue Apron box to be delivered on my last day of work so that I would have time to cook for my mom and me. I chose the option with 3 meals for 2 people. Here is each meal with photos and my overall thoughts!

Meal #1: Pan-Seared Cod with Curried Basmati Rice, Snow Peas & Mint (Friday dinner)

IMG_20150605_192726 IMG_20150605_192805 IMG_20150605_193549 IMG_20150605_200000

Meal #2: Turkey Steam Buns with Quick Cucumber-Radish Kimchi (Saturday lunch)

IMG_20150606_111422IMG_20150606_111554 IMG_20150606_111613 IMG_20150606_115200 IMG_20150606_120227 IMG_20150606_120231 IMG_20150606_121221IMG_20150606_122656

Meal #3: Seared Pork with Smashed Potatoes & Sautéed Spinach (Monday dinner)

IMG_20150608_185859 IMG_20150608_185920 IMG_20150608_192214 IMG_20150608_190112 IMG_20150608_192218 IMG_20150608_193303

My Experience: Cooking with Blue Apron helped me to expand my cooking beyond my usual, which is pasta and chicken. I learned many new things like cooking fish and curried basmati rice and making kimchi and mashed potatoes for the first time! After this, I realized that I am quite a picky eater. There was something in every meal that I didn’t like and wouldn’t normally buy, cook or eat. I don’t like cod or most cooked fish. I don’t eat red onions, ginger, cilantro, radishes, kimchi or olives. I can’t take spicy. Pork and ground turkey are normally too dry for me. I don’t like spinach but I will eat it because it’s healthy for me. Nevertheless, I cooked all these meals as directed except I left out much of the Korean chili flakes for the turkey and kimchi in Meal #2 and all the olives for the mashed potatoes in Meal #3. My mom and I thought each meal was unique and tasted good for the most part. She liked Meal #2 best. I liked a little something from each meal – basmati rice in Meal #1, turkey steam buns in Meal #2, and mashed potatoes in Meal #3.


  • Fun to try new recipes with different ingredients and make food from scratch
  • Good variety of foods for people who don’t want to meal plan
  • Perfect portions for my mom and me. Only had leftovers of the kimchi from Meal #2.
  • Affordable since it’s $60 for 6 meals (3 meals for 2 people) or $10 per meal
  • Efficient since all the groceries and ingredients you need are ready for you
  • Only needed cutting board, knife, spatula, pot, pan, colander, salt, pepper, and olive oil
  • Easy to follow the written directions for people who have experience with cooking. I’m rusty in the kitchen, but I could still follow the steps. They assume that you know how to do some things (which thankfully I did!) like zest lemon/lime, know when the inside of pork is fully cooked, season with salt and pepper appropriately, etc.
  • Informed me a week in advance what meals were to be delivered to me


  • Time to prep and cook took longer than indicated. Cooking time said 25-35 minutes, but preparing the ingredients took me a good 30 minutes each time…maybe I’m just slow.
  • Ingredients defrosted quickly. I felt pressured to cook all the meals within the first few days. They only let you choose delivery on Wed, Thu, Fri or Sat, which is hard because I usually go out on the weekends and would cook more often at the beginning of the week.
  • Could only choose preferences for meats but not other ingredients

Overall, I had fun cooking with Blue Apron, but I wouldn’t continue a weekly subscription because the foods I got weren’t my preferences. But if you ever get offered a free box of fresh groceries and ingredients (thanks again, Jen Lee!), I’d say give a box a try and happy cooking!


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