Visiting Alcatraz

Been a native of the Bay Area all my life and I had never visited Alcatraz (among many other things I still have never done in the Bay Area like ride the BART…) until this past Sunday with a big group of family friends! Most of us went for our first time ever – thanks to Paige, one of my closest family friends who wanted to take a trip to Alcatraz before she moved away for graduate school, so it was a perfect last hangout with her! Apparently it takes a good 2 months in advance to book cruise and tour tickets for Alcatraz, so we all had this date booked early in our calendars! It was a rare opportunity to get to hangout with many family friends, other than Thanksgiving.

Alcatraz lived up to its hype! It was really cool getting to walk down the cell corridors, sit inside some of the cells, learn how 6 inmates attempted to escape and how 3 inmates ingeniously escaped successfully (although I don’t know if they made it past the freezing waters of the bay), see where grenades were dropped, find the warden’s burnt down mansion, and imagine where parts of “The Rock” movie were filmed. The cruise took about 15 minutes one way with a nice view of Treasure Island, Bay Bridge, San Francisco skyline, Alcatraz, and the bay. The audio tour was informative as we got to listen to some personal narratives from the inmates and correctional officers who lived on the infamous island when it was used for the Federal Penitentiary.

Visiting Alcatraz makes me want to rewatch “The Rock” soon… Such a good movie!


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