My Brother is Engaged!!!

Last Saturday on a beautiful day, November 21, 2015, my brother Lawrence popped the question to Katie, and now they are engaged!!! Thanks to Lawrence who flew my mom and me down for a one day trip to LA, we got to surprise Katie with an engagement party after the private proposal and celebrate this important day with the newly engaged couple!

The decoration of the roomIMG_0062

The quiet anticipation in the room after Lawrence texted me “2 minutes”IMG_0048

The successful surprise and complete SHOCK for Katie =O

The loaded question from Lawrence’s future father-in-law, “How do you know Katie is God’s will for your life?” Good question, good answer! Lawrence: “…how much Katie has changed me, and changed me more to be like who Christ is, that has given me confirmation that she is the right one for me. I think you guys can see from the photos, there are notes on the back of each photo to explain the impact and how much Katie has been part of my sanctification process. So, very excited and looking forward to the next steps… How’s that??” *room erupts in laughter*

The celebration with friends and family

The beginning of the new additions to both families (blurry photo, sorry)IMG_0078

Congratulations, Lawrence & Katie!!! I am going to have a sister, yayyy!IMG_0093

See my brother’s blog ( for his posts on The Proposal and After Party!

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