The Resurrection of My Dead Phone

Dropping my phone in the toilet last Tuesday was highly inconvenient. But praise the Lord, my dead phone works now!!! Here I will share my experience in the case that I can help anyone who drops their phone in the toilet too (I know I’m not the only one). I don’t know exactly what made it work again – putting it in rice, air drying it, giving it 3 days, or all three of the above.

Tuesday – A few hours after the drowning, the locked screen still showed the correct time and notifications, but none of the buttons worked and the screen didn’t respond to touch. I put the phone in uncooked rice as I heard that can soak up the water. That night, I went to T-Mobile to get a nano SIM card for a borrowed iphone (thanks Auntie Sharon!) and the sales rep laughed at my attempt to recover my phone and called the rice a myth. Upon returning home, I took apart the phone to take the battery out and put the parts back into the rice.

Wednesday – After waiting 24 hours in the box of rice, I put the phone back together. I knew it worked because I could hear notification sounds, but the screen didn’t turn on. I figured there was water damage to the screen. I gave up on the rice and left the phone out to dry.

Thursday – I woke up to my work alarm at 6:45 AM. I checked the borrowed iphone and my fitbit, but I realized the beeping was coming from my phone. With the continuous beeping for an annoying 5 minutes because I couldn’t stop the alarm from the buttons or screen, I looked for the screwdriver from another room and took apart the phone again to pull the battery out.

Friday – I decided to try the phone one last time so I put it back together. When I pressed the power button, I was so shocked to see the google logo come on the screen. It works again!!


Lessons Learned:
– Having always been an android user, I didn’t get used to the iphone after a week with its tiny keyboard buttons, smaller screen, and different functions. I missed my android.
– Drying your phone in rice is NOT a myth. I don’t know exactly how effective it is though.
– I will take good care of my phone and try not to bring it to the bathroom with me. Or leave my phone in my butt pocket and go to the bathroom. For the record, it fell out of my jacket pocket!


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