Liz & Travis #simpLEEinlove

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Liz & Travis!!!

May 28, 2016 – Crossline Community Church and Courtyard Irvine Spectrum, Irvine


My best friend Liz got married!!! So happy to celebrate with Liz & Travis at their beautiful wedding centered on the Gospel, filled with tears from the bride, reminiscing our friendship with my best friend, going hyphy with the best man, celebrating the Warriors going to Game 7, and fist-pumping partying on the dance floor. I had a blast with the awesome bridal party who was down for some good fun. I also caught the bouquet for my first time, but only because there was $50 and #maidofhonorduties haha. Here are photos to share and remember their wedding day!

liz&travis_hair&makeupIMG_20160528_094656liz&travis_bridesmaids1IMG_20160528_134847liz&travis_bridesmaids2IMG_20160528_142632IMG_20160528_151810.jpgliz&travis_bridesmaids3.jpgliz&travis_parents.jpgIMG_20160528_153801IMG_20160528_153937IMG_20160528_160605.jpgIMG_20160528_164009.jpgliz&travis_withthecouple.jpg^ my only photo with the couple and Liz in her wedding dress even though Travis blinked…

MOH Speech // Good evening! My name is Laurel, and I am honored to be Liz’s maid of honor and to have her as one of my best friends. I met Liz on our first day of college, only to realize that we had been in the same dorm at freshman orientation that summer and had a lot in common. It was God’s providence for the both of us, and we have watched each other grow over the years. I cherish our early college years when we watched our favorite movie Pride and Prejudice, napped in Liz’s dorm room between classes after we had late night paper cramming sessions, ate all you can eat (and I mean, we ate A LOT) at the dining commons, and grew in our faith at Berean Community Church to our last year of college when we lived as roommates and bonded over our same pet peeves in the apartment and our late night pillow talks. Since I’m not the best at long distance, I was wrong to be pessimistic about keeping in touch after we graduated. Over the last few years with me being in Norcal and you in Socal, we have seen each other pursue our dream careers and get plugged into our post-college churches. I am so proud of the person you have become today. I am thankful for our years of friendship when we lived near and far from each other and the comfortability that comes with knowing someone so like-minded and not always having to use words to understand each other. You have supported me through my highs and lows by being there for me when you prayed with me as my dad had surgery and stayed up way past our bedtimes to listen to me. Thank you for always giving me more patience, generosity, and love than I deserve, just like Christ. I am sooo happy for you today to see you now married to your best friend Travis.  Long gone are the days when you over-analyzed gchat conversations with boys who IMed you this time so you IMed him next time and it went back and forth in a formulaic way, but things with Travis came naturally. Travis left a memorable first impression (although not a good one) when he poked fun at you with a mean joke that you didn’t find funny the first time he met you. But from there, you two struck up a friendship and made each other laugh so much with your similar humor. When I think about how you beat the odds of a long distance relationship which made you two more sure than ever about each other, I thank God for providing Travis in your life and growing you two together over all these years. As you look forward to major transitions with marriage, new jobs, and moving to sunny San Diego where I promise to visit you often, I trust that God will use your marriage to be a testimony of His faithfulness and grace to those around you. Please join me in a toast to Liz and Travis. May your marriage be filled with more laughter, selfless service to one another, perseverance through every stage of life, and an ever-growing love for Christ and for each other. Love you two, cheers!


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