The Summer of My Life

Thank God, I’m safely home! I flew back on Sunday after being away from home for 2 months – 5.5 weeks in Hong Kong and 2.5 weeks in SoCal (San Diego, LA, and Irvine). It was an AMAZING summer of unforgettable memories, rare opportunities, and living life to the fullest!!

My decision to go to HK was so last minute. My grandma Por Por tweaked her leg, so my mom wanted someone to take her to see her doctor in China. Since my mom can’t stand the humid summer weather in HK and wanted to rest at home after 3 trips in 6 months, I decided to go during my summer off! Thankfully I found reasonably priced plane tickets with less than a month left. Then I was off on my spontaneous, solo trip to HK for the first time on my own!

It turned out to be the BEST decision. I had sooo much fun over there!!! I would have stayed longer if I could, but I came back just in time for my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower & bachelorette, spent 2 weeks in SD visiting my brother & future sister-in-law with my mom who also flew down, and continued the summer fun in SoCal until returning home on July 31!

Highlights in Hong Kong & China:

1) Spending time with Grandma Por Por and staying with her for a monthIMG_20160627_095029

2) Playing with my cousin’s adorable kids and meeting Ashlyn for the first timeIMG-20160710-WA0031IMG_20160626_140728

3) Being there for the family gatherings on my mom’s side from yum cha to special occasions IMG_20160712_205718

4) Seeing family on my dad’s side for the first time since my dad passed away and meeting two of my cousins’ wives and the first great-grandchild in the familyIMG_20160711_212805.jpgIMG-20160619-WA0022

5) Visiting my grandma’s hometown in Zhaoqing, China and meeting hospitable relativesIMG-20160623-WA0018

6) Exploring Hong Kong – Kowloon Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Causeway Bay, CentralIMG_20160615_141222

7) Eating lots and lots of delicious food and too many buffetsIMG_20160611_124927

8) Dying my hair for the first time, getting new glasses, and improving my ChineseIMG_20160703_114055

Highlights in SoCal:

9) Showering my future sister-in-law Katie at her bridal shower & bacheloretteIMG_20160716_104609

10) Getting to know Katie’s family in LAIMG-20160723-WA0010

11) Going to Comic-ConIMG_20160722_172120_1

12) Watching USA Basketball vs. China in a suite at the Staples CenterIMG_20160724_161209

13) Reuniting with grad school friends to celebrate Michelle’s weddingimage1 (1)

For more photos from my 2 months of traveling, follow @kamelican on Instagram!

I miss HK. I am super thankful for my relatives who intentionally made the effort to spend time with me while I was there. To be honest, I teared up hearing some heartfelt goodbye messages from them before I flew out of HK. The guy next to me on the plane probably wondered what was wrong with me. I had such a blast that I would consider going back to HK next summer.

I feel so good and productive about MAXIMIZING all 2 months of my summer vacation. I have one more week to enjoy summer at home and adjust back to my schedule. I still feel jetlagged even though it has been 3 weeks, so maybe I’m just exhausted or lazy. I plan to go in early next week to prepare my classroom, and then work starts on August 11 and the first day of school is August 17. I’m sad that summer is ending soon, but it’s good to be back home. Happy August!


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