Mid-Autumn Festival Through the Ages

A few days ago at work, my coworker laughed at how I don’t like being Asian, yet how Asian I really am. I guess there’s some truth to that even if I don’t want to admit it… Last night, I asked my mom how Mid-Autumn Festival should be celebrated other than watching the full moon and eating mooncake. She was taken aback that I, an ABC (American-born Chinese), would ask her about celebrating a Chinese culture/holiday. She knows I don’t really like mooncake anyway. Honestly, I still don’t know what Mid-Autumn Festival is for and I can’t remember anything I learned way back in Chinese school, but it was still nice to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese food and good company tonight. And just for the sake of the day, I finally gave in to eat one piece of mooncake after reminiscing almost a decade of lighting lanterns under the full moon with my family and friends! Look out for the crazy 90’s outfits haha and reoccurring moon lantern through all the years except it went missing in the last year that I have photos of our little tradition.







Skipped 1996??? This would have made it 10 years!




Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! 🏮 🏮 🌕 🏮 🏮

P.S. Sooo thankful to my parents for capturing a whole bookshelf of photographs and memories!


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