Thank You to My Readers and Followers

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I feel silly to blog on this “achievement,” but really I want to thank my readers and 102 followers! Over five years ago, I started this blog in July 2011, shortly before moving back to the Bay Area after finishing graduate school in Irvine. Since then, I have been using this blog – sometimes more regularly than other times – to share photos and stories of my memories. It has helped me to keep in touch with long distance friends and family. I would like to think it has helped me to improve my writing, cultivate an enjoyment of writing, and grow my desire to practice photography too. Also, I have “selective memory” or just really bad memory, and blogging has given me something to reminisce my memories and process my thoughts, which has been fun to look back on. Rereading my old blog posts reminds me of God’s sovereignty, goodness, and faithfulness in my life. Some of the most notable blog posts include: getting my first teaching job (A Testament to God’s Faithfulness) and riding a roller coaster of changing schools over the years, remembering my late dad (Manhood), following up on new year’s resolutions like reading 15 books in one year (New Year’s Resolution of 2012: Developing a Love of Reading), finishing Insanity workouts (My 60 Days of Insanity), counting my thanksgivings every year (2011, 20122013, 20142015), celebrating my brother’s engagement (My Brother is Engaged!!!), being the Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding (Liz & Travis #simpLEEinlove), and reflecting on life being short and my hope in Jesus Christ (Heaven is a Better Place). Thank you for journeying with me through these years, whether you have been reading from the start or just noticed I have a blog. Thank you for supporting me with my blog with every view, like, comment, or follower!


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