2017 Resolutions

Happy New Year, and cheers to 2017!!!

(I titled this post 2016 Resolutions before I realized it’s a NEW YEAR!)

I haven’t given up on making new year’s resolutions even though I didn’t make any in 2015 after unsuccessfully keeping most of my many 2014 resolutions. I always have the same few resolutions about reading the Bible more, running more, and other ambitious things that I’d like to work on like cooking more and reading 24 books. I even have a “Resolutions” category of blog posts. This year seems no different, but I narrowed it down to three. My 2017 resolutions are…

1. Read the Bible in one year

I have never been successful with the Bible in ONE year plan. The last time I tried this was with my college church, Berean’s YOTB (Year of the Bible). After multiple tries, I ignored January 1st and continued my trek from cover to cover, which took me nearly three years. This year, I will be following the Pillar Bible reading plan with my fellow deacons and elders. Here’s the link I have bookmarked and still need to print out to help me with following the plan: Read the Bible in One Year. I am thankful to have reading accountability with my small group. Starting in December, we have been sending each other our passages over Facebook Messenger. I get messages when I wake up from some girls who read way past my bedtime, I am one of the first few to message in the morning, and there are some girls who message during the day when I’m at work. These have been good reminders throughout the day to be in the Word.

2. Run my first half marathon

Does this count? I am sure it will happen. I already signed up for the SF Half Marathon on July 23, but I need to start training for it. I would like to survive 13.1 miles without walking, and my goal is to finish in 2 hours or less. Thankfully I have accountability since I will be running in SF with my Pillar friends. There’s 9 of us signed up between the Full Marathon and Half Marathon. I have been trying to run with Anita on Sundays since September. See my Workout Log.

3. Read more books

15 books in 2012, 7 in 2013, 3 in 2014, 2 in 2015, and 3 in 2016… So yes, reading has really gone downhill since 2012 (See my post: New Year’s Resolution of 2012: Developing a Love of Reading). This year, I would like to pick up the slack and read more books again for leisure. It’s hard to have the mental energy to read after work. I am cautious about making my goal 24 books again since I have already been unsuccessful for 4 years straight. But yesterday, I read all of Timothy Keller’s Hidden Christmas: The Surprising Truth Behind the Birth of Christ in one hour, which means it is possible! I have a week more of Winter Break to get started on my reading. See my Reading Log for the next books on my list.


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