South Bay Eats: Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung: Westfield Valley Fair, 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Okay I know I’m almost a year behind, but being off from work on Winter Break allows my mom and me to finally try Din Tai Fung while we’re already shopping at Valley Fair. We didn’t have to make reservations or wait ridiculously long since we went at an odd hour at 3:45 PM. Surprisingly I could eat again only a few hours after lunch. My mom and I tried Din Tai Fung for the first time in Seattle, but we thought it was mehhh. I tried it again in Orange County, and it was better, but not too memorable. Both my mom and I wanted to see the hype for Din Tai Fung at Valley Fair…

Our wait was 10 minutes at 3:45 PM. While waiting, we watched the XLB making process.img_20170104_153910

Snow Crab and Pork XiaoLongBao (6 pieces, $11) – For this price and only 6 small pieces compared to other places that give 8 bigger pieces, I’d say the XLBs were oookay. At least we could taste the crab, and the skin was thin. On the top of my list for crab and pork XLBs is still Joe’s Shanghai in New York.img_20170104_160918

Noodles with Sesame Sauce (spicy, $8.50) – Yummm! The sauce made the noodles so delicious.img_20170104_161048

Shrimp and Pork wontons with Spicy Sauce (spicy, $10.50) – For being spicy, this wasn’t that spicy, just the right amount of spicy for me to take, and it was good. This tops the XLBs for me.img_20170104_161307


Overall Experience img_20170104_163541

No joke, we REALLY liked the kettle. My mom and I looked under the kettle for the brand, found it on Amazon, but didn’t buy it yet, and proceeded to talk about how good of a kettle it was for about 15 minutes. Kettle aside, Din Tai Fung has tasty food. I like the Noodles with Sesame Sauce and Shrimp and Pork Wontons in Spicy Sauce, but don’t care enough to get reservations or wait in line next time. Glad we finally got to try Din Tai Fung at Valley Fair!


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