La La Land


Just came home from watching La La Land in theatre and had to instantly blog about this movie while of course listening to the soundtrack because I LOVE the movie!!! Not going to spoil it, which someone unfortunately did for me but I decided it was worth watching for myself regardless. And I was right, I highly recommend you to watch this movie too!

I saw the trailer a while ago, which didn’t tell much other than play one song, and already seeing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, I wanted to watch the movie. Sometimes I care for musicals, sometimes I don’t. But friends who saw it in December posted “best movie of the year” and “my new favorite movie,” and for being the last month of the year, that’s high praise. I can’t even remember what movies came out in 2016, but I might have to agree. La La Land lived up to its hype. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and want to watch the movie again.

The movie was beautifully written with a good mix of both musical and story. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did spectacular acting, which is no surprise. I loved Emma Stone in The Amazing Spiderman and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. Emma Stone’s singing was pretty good, and Ryan Gosling’s Southern gentleman charm from The Notebook came back for this movie, which made up for his not-so-good singing. Boy, this movie gave me the feels! My heart!!!

So beautiful, so real, so good.

Update on January 8: Woweee La La Land won all 7 Golden Globe nominations: Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, Best Motion Picture for Musical or Comedy, Best Director, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, and Best Screenplay!


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