Winter Break 2016

Winter Break is over, and it was perfect because I got to do just what I wanted – relax and read. My two weeks off from work can be summed up as being miserably sick for the first week and being way productive for the second week. Here’s my recap with the only photos I took…


Canned chicken soup for dinner on Christmas Day

Unfortunately, I woke up on Christmas Day with a cough, which turned into chills, body aches, and congestion. My body crashed once the busyness of work and the holidays was over. I was in bed for 5 days straight, but the cough lingered for 10 days. While getting the flu was not what I had planned because I wanted to visit my mommy friends and their babies but couldn’t get them sick, it was God’s way of making me rest at home. I caught up on sleep and watched a Korean drama series, 1% of Anything. Watching Drama Fever clips on Youtube led to reading all the episode recaps in English, which led to watching the whole series, hehe.


CCCC Youth Group reunion


New Year’s Day dinner at the Co’s


6 bags/boxes of things that I am happily donating away including prom dresses

All the time resting in bed bottled up my energy to do a lot more once I felt better and gained my appetite back. Apparently finding good end-of-the-season deals on new winter clothes and throwing things out bring me a lot of joy. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


Snacks for PBC – curry beef triangles, soy sauce eggs, edamame, tuna dip with crackers, hazelnut chocolate filled french crepes, toasted almond crisps, and cuties

Monday is an Inservice Day for teachers and the district’s Employee Recognition Event, so I get one more day to ease back into work. Can’t believe the second half of the school year is here. I’m excited to see my students continue to progress and get them ready for second grade!


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