District’s Employee Recognition Event 2017

Over my six years of teaching, all within the same district, this is the second year in a row that the district has held an Employee Recognition Event on the first day back to work in the new year. It was worth the trek to Downtown San Jose in the rainy weather. It feels nice to be appreciated by the district for all that we do for our students and enjoy an evening with a live band, free food and two drink tickets, a photobooth, validated parking, and a chance to catch up with old colleagues from previous schools.




Melissa left when the photobooth line was ridiculously long, so a selfie this year had to do.img_20170109_164154

But Kaylin and I took one for tradition’s sake and realized 3 seconds is hard to coordinate…img_20170109_184041

Feeling ready to sleep by 10 PM (true grandma status) to get ready for my first week back to work after Winter Break. With the rain all week, the students will likely have indoor recesses, which means extended long days with them inside the classroom. Thankfully both this week and next week with MLK Jr. Day, we have two 4-day weeks back-to-back!


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