Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

First art project in the new year with my first grade students! Teaching them a science unit on weather, I broke the news to them that we won’t get snow at our school in San Jose, but to make up for it, I will read them all my snow books, and we can build snowmen… out of paper haha. This art project brings out their creativity, and these snowmen always turn out cute.

I survived my first week back to work after Winter Break! Despite the rain forecast all week, thankfully the students only stayed in all day on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I overslept 45 minutes past two alarms and woke up 30 minutes before school started, which is when I usually arrive at school. I got ready and left the house in 10 minutes and managed to make it to school 20 minutes away ON TIME. This happened the day before my principal planned to come into my classroom for a full lesson observation first thing in the morning. Thank God I didn’t oversleep that day and I wasn’t late the day before because either way, it would have looked bad in my evaluation. Since then, I haven’t slept well for two nights, waking up multiple times in the middle of the night worried that I might oversleep again and miss my three alarms. I am thankful that I get to sleep in all I want for three days with the long MLK weekend!

My students are so good to me! They really are a sweet bunch. They want to hang out with me when I am on yard duty at recess even though I just saw them in the classroom. They write me notes at home and give them to me in the morning. They are excited, curious, and ready to learn and do their best at school. Even when they need to be reminded, they stop and later apologize. They are gracious and forgiving about my poor drawing skills, mistakes, and forgetful memory. On top of that, I have a regular schedule of ten parent volunteers who help out an hour in the classroom every week or every other week. It makes the world of difference to have parents who support their child’s education and are involved both in the classroom and at home. I came home every day this week thinking about how very thankful I am for this class this year. :)


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