South Bay Eats: Kenji Sushi

Kenji Sushi: 385 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128


Women’s Group kicked off 2017 together with a dinner hangout on Friday night at Kenji Sushi! We had a good time of getting to know each other better and catching up in the new year. It was hard to find a restaurant that could fit our large group of 25 people, but I am glad that Kenji Sushi worked out well. I found the restaurant on Yelp with 4 stars and called on Tuesday. The restaurant said they would be able to fit us, but I wasn’t sure if they would seat us at two long tables back to back or close to each other. After calling again to confirm the reservation on Thursday, I notified the girls of the location, hoping everything would work out with the food and parking.

On the day of, we were seated right away at one looong table, so I was really pleased that we were together. The food, service, and photo taking skills to fit all 24 of us in one photo was good. They were willing to split 4 checks, so some girls ordered a few items to share family style while some girls ordered individually. Now with Venmo and PayPal, taking care of the check is easy.

I ordered the Victoria Secret roll: tuna, salmon, and yellowtail wrapped with soy paper, topped with avocado and yumyum sauce (8 pieces, $13.95). The combination of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail sashimi was delicious. I haven’t had soy paper before, and I didn’t see that you could switch it out for nori seaweed, but I didn’t really notice the taste. It made the roll seem light and healthy, but it was good. The yumyum sauce with its mysterious name tasted like spicy mayo with a little kick to it. One roll wasn’t quite enough to make me full, but I saved room for dessert.

(missing photo of my Victoria Secret roll…oops, you can find plenty on Yelp)

Parking did turn out to be difficult with their small parking lot, so some girls had to park at Santana Row across the street. It worked out because we walked/drove over to Smitten’s Ice Cream and Kara’s Cupcakes afterwards to continue our hangout over dessert. Thank you to Kenji Sushi for having us for our first Women’s Group dinner of the year! Excited for 2017 ahead of us and the opportunity that Women’s Group will continue to have to grow and fellowship with one another as sisters of Pillar Baptist Church!! ♥ We are starting a new book in February!


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