South Bay Eats: Mori Kitchen

Mori Kitchen1000 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129

One of my best friends Serena brought me here for my birthday last year when it was quite new at the time. My first impression was pretty good, and Serena came back to bring her family. This time I took my mom so she could try the dipping noodle and I wanted ramen in this cold weather. All the tables were filled with some people waiting when we got there. We waited 10 minutes after declining a high window table that had too much sun coming in to sit at another poor table that was also by the window and just as bad. They really should get window blinds on that side of the restaurant to make a more pleasant and comfortable dining experience.

My mom ordered the Shoyu Tsukemen (chopped chashu pork, chashu pork, green onion, chopped onion, nori seaweed, bamboo shoot) with hot noodles ($10.95). She didn’t really see the uniqueness of the ramen dry and dipping sauce on the side, but enjoyed her lunch. I ordered the lunch combo – Shio Tonkotsu (clear salt and tonkotsu based noodles topped with green onion, bamboo shoot, nori seaweed, kikurage mushrooms, chashu pork, and mung bean sprout) and Takoyaki (deep fried octopus Japanese dumplings, 4 pieces) ($11.95). My ramen broth tasted bland initially, but better towards the end. The Takoyaki was meh. Now I know to stick with the Shoyu Tsukemen whose dipping sauce is tastier than the ramen broth if I go here again.


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