Rachel Turns 30 Today!

Today, Rachel turns the big 3-0! On her birthday, I’d like to share how blessed I am by her and our friendship. After Rachel started coming out to Pillar, she joined a small group of girls for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Coffee Drinkers Club, haha just kidding, we were really the South Bay Book Club. It was through our meetings every other Saturday morning at different coffee shops in the South Bay that our friendship began. I was encouraged to see Rachel come out as a newer girl at Pillar and always enjoyed having her in our book discussions for her insightful comments and thoughtful questions. It was so natural for her to come up with follow-up questions that made the discussions deeper, intentional, and honest.

When South Bay Book Club turned into Women’s Group at Pillar a few years ago, Rachel continued to be a huge source of encouragement in my ministry. She maintained enthusiasm for our books, discussions, and fellowship opportunities, made Women’s Group a priority in her schedule, appreciated my leading and hosting, and recognized the work that went behind undertaking this ministry. It amazed me that two days after giving birth to Eleanor, she texted me about her excitement for the new book we were going to read and apologized for not making our next Women’s Group meeting. She just had a baby, I completely understood!

Seeing her care for others and active participation in Women’s Group, I encouraged Rachel to become a small group leader, knowing that she would make a great one. She was hesitant at the time, but I was so enthused to find out that she decided to become one later and that I’d get the honor of having her as my small group leader. During her 5 months of faithfully leading our small group through her pregnancy, she often texted me during the week to check in on me and keep me accountable. I am encouraged to see her desire for fellowship with the body and her consistency in reading and receiving the Word while being a new mom. Rachel is an example of faithfulness to the Lord and a joy to run this race with.

Happiest 30th birthday, Rachel! ❤️


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