Doing Grown Up Things

My mom left me home alone for a week for a cruise to the Bahamas and a trip to Disney World with some family friends… Jelly! She has been sending me pictures of sunny beaches and Storm Troopers that have been making me wish I was on vacation too while I am at work with all this rainy and windy weather all week. Nevertheless, her being away, which has been happening more often these days with her many travels, has gotten me feeling all grown up. 😂

Today, I cleaned the whole house, vacuumed and mopped the floors and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. I usually do this before she returns from her trips. It took me less than two hours? I realized cleaning doesn’t take me that long if I make the effort to do it every two weeks, or if I keep my mom’s high standards, it would be vacuuming every week and mopping at least every two weeks. Last month, Rachel asked me what I do to keep my hardwood floors clean and to teach her my cleaning tips since she said, “You’re the cleanest person I know.” That has motivated me to keep cleaning, realizing that people who come over actually do notice my hard work, even though I don’t like mopping. I’m trying to take ownership of keeping the house clean. Cleaning has been surprisingly fulfilling, making me feel good, especially throwing things out.

In addition to cleaning, I cooked my third meal of this week and this year! If I can count cooking Chinese broccoli (gai lan) with my jambalaya leftovers for two days, then really, it’s the fifth meal. After moving home six years ago, my cooking skills have really deteriorated since my four years of living on my own in college and graduate school. I made “cook more” a New Year’s resolution in 2014, but there’s a reason I didn’t this year… because I didn’t want to be nagged by my mom to work on my pathetic lack-of cooking skills. 😳 So tonight, I took meat in an unlabeled bag from the freezer and vegetables from the refrigerator that my mom bought, and I cooked rice. Feeling like a noob in the kitchen, I realized what I thought was chicken turned out to be pork and still don’t know whether the vegetables were zucchini or squash. Slightly embarrassed to be posting a picture of this simple dinner, but I take photos of every time I cook because I want proof that I cook once in a blue moon. I would like to work towards changing that, but I am not about to put myself up for that challenge just yet. I have three resolutions this year as is.

Dinner tonight and lunch leftovers for Monday

And here is the first meal of the year I cooked on Wednesday for me and Deborah!

Udon noodles with napa cabbage, shrimp, fish balls, fish tofu, and a soft-boiled egg in miso soup


First meeting of discipleship with Deborah! Excited for our opportunity to get to know each other better and walk life together outside of small group this year! ♥️

Now to keep up the cleaning and cooking after my mom returns home… All I can say is I’ll try! 😝


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