Angela’s Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower

Another beautiful baby shower put on by this amazing group of talented and creative Pillar ladies! Jenn’s gorgeous flower arrangements, Geneva’s famous sea salt chocolate chip cookies, Dena’s spacious new house, Deb, Sarah, and Janny’s part in planning and decorations, Candice’s Memebox favors, and catered Cuban food. It was fun showering Angela with love and hanging out with Pillar sisters. Our church is so blessed to have the addition of Angela and Pastor Dave in these last two years. I am thankful to have known them for a couple of years since Pastor Dave spoke at my first Pillar retreat in 2012 and also have the opportunity to serve in ministry with them now. I know the two of them are going to be wonderful parents since they are already wonderful people. Love you, Angela and Pastor Dave! Can’t wait for the arrival of baby Dominiq soon!





One thought on “Angela’s Twinkle Twinkle Baby Shower

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