Chinese New Year with My Students

Happy Chinese New Year! Maybe for my fifth year since teaching Kindergarten at my previous school and now first grade, I have presented Chinese New Year to my students. Being Chinese-American, I have fun bringing in a little of my culture into the classroom. Here’s what I do!

– Read Celebrating Chinese New Year: Nick’s New Year by Rosa Drew and Heather Phillips (Lakeshore Learning Store, $3.49)wp-image-815104056jpg.jpg

– This is a good excuse to get students to clean up their desks to “get rid of all the bad luck”

– Students make red lanterns to bring homewp-image-1168573130jpg.jpg

– Show some red lanterns made with red envelopes by my mom and decorations from homewp-image-1551644774jpg.jpg

– Present the candy box, and students get to pick out one treat (Students picked all the lucky candy because they wanted to try something new so only Hershey kisses are left in this photo)

– Show students how to crack a black watermelon seed from the candy box, and save time by cracking the seeds at home so students can each try one. They actually like it and want more!

– Show my collection of my favorite red envelopes over the years 

– Give students red envelopes with chocolate gold coinswp-image-1735619106jpg.jpg

– Teach students how to say “Gung Hat Fat Choy” to wish others a Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing you good health and happiness in the year of the rooster! 恭喜發財! 新年快樂! 身體健康!


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