South Bay Eats: Amami San Sushi Express

Had a free Saturday to get a lazy start to the weekend, make poached egg and avocado toast for breakfast for my mom and me, run some errands, and find company for dinner with Patty and a chill hangout playing games with Pillar friends at my house. Thankful for Patty who was free after work and willing to try this new place with me, our friendship that has developed over the past year, and our deep and honest talk over dinner!

Amami San Sushi Express: 5229 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

ordered – Mixed Fish Poke (chef’s selection of 3 kinds of fish, $15)

I found out about this poke bowl, donburi, and sushi rolls place near my house from Mas just recently. It opened up two months ago, and the restaurant was quiet for Saturday at 6 PM, but the food was good, so check it out! It’s a great place for groups since it’s casual, you order and pay at the counter and seat yourself, and there are a lot of tables. I ordered poke because I wanted all the sides, including seaweed salad and a mix base of salad and rice. $15 is more for poke, but for the same price, you can get a donburi with bigger pieces of sashimi. They also have the Uni Toro Ikura Don for $25, which is popular but was sold out when we went.


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