South Bay Eats: Men-Bei Ramen

Men-Bei Ramen: 1349 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050

ordered – Men-Bei Ramen: house specialty ramen with slices of pork, bean sprouts, green onions, dried seaweed and ginger in garlic flavored soup ($8.75) – pictured on the bottom below

I’m not really sure how this place got 4 stars. I had it bookmarked on Yelp because it has 4 stars even though the photos didn’t make it look that good. The bowl was larger than I thought from the pictures on Yelp. But then again, I always think ramen bowls look small when I get it and then because the broth is so rich, I get really full after finishing it. The broth here tasted different from the usual pork tonkotsu base that takes hours to make. I thought it was okay, but ate it all up anyway because I was hungry after a run. Otherwise I have my ramen go-to places like Santouka in Mitsuwa. What made up for the ramen here is getting to spend an encouraging time with Deb!


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