An Eventful Two Weeks

Back to my blog! Since my last post, I had an eventful two weeks with something or a few things back-to-back almost every day that kept me busy out of the house and away from my usual blogging, cooking, and reading that I have been busy with in this new year. Even with this post, I feel rusty after not writing for two weeks. The first week was unusually busy in the evenings for a work week. The second week was Ski Break! I have been asked so many times what Ski Break is, but I grew up in Saratoga having this Presidents Day week in February off too. My coworker said they started giving this holiday because so many families would miss school to go up to the snow? Anyway, these two weeks were filled with LOTS OF HANGOUTS and getting my to do list done to catch up on life outside of work. Thankful for Ski Break, my friends, and the opportunities to have fun, catch up, and spend time with so many of them!! For being absent from my blog, here is a recap of my last two weeks with an overload of selfies and food photos…

Monday, 2/13: Purposeful run to the local library to borrow DVDs for a class rewardscreenshot_20170227-201229

Monday, 2/13: Discipleship with Deb at Men-Bei Ramenwp-image-1593941029jpg.jpg

Tuesday, 2/14: Feeling loved by my students on Valentine’s DayIMG_20170214_180528.jpg

Tuesday, 2/14: Valentine’s Day dinner with Pillar friends eating jajangmyeon at Tong Soon Garden

Wednesday, 2/15: Happy hour at Opa! and red velvet/chocolate mint cupcakes from Susie Cakes for a long overdue catch up and early birthday celebration, HBD Brittney!

Thursday, 2/16: Luzia by Cirque Du Soleil with my bestie Serena who won free tickets from work and the show was so good, most notable act was the most flexible guy on the planet

Saturday, 2/18: Mom and me’s Saturday morning tradition of coffee and bagel breakfastIMG_20170218_102218.jpg

Saturday, 2/18: Ed’s last-of-his-twenties birthday at Dave & Buster’swp-image-321886739jpg.jpg

Discipleship got us ordering the same food 😆

Why so serious, Jo? 😂


My coworker Ursula spotted me in the crowd of people at D&B

Bumped into my coworkers Binh and Ursula on the first day of Ski Break!

Saturday, 2/18: Dinner with family friends at Koi Palace in Dublinwp-image-88107980jpg.jpg

Sunday, 2/19: Run with Anita – Same 3 miles around Quarry Lakes without breaks this weekscreenshot_20170227-201511

Sunday, 2/19: Book Club with Grace and Rebecca discussing Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering by Tim Keller and eating delicious breakfast croissant sandwiches

Sunday, 2/19: Dinner with relatives at Golden Palace

Monday, 2/20: Lunch at the Bae’s with Berean friends (Chois and Tsengs) and all 3 Pillar pastors and families, so nice having my two worlds together and HBD Tina and Silas!pixlr_20170220165829319.jpg

Monday, 2/20: Dinner and nails party with Pillar girlswp-image-1502831843jpg.jpgwp-image-372322069jpg.jpgwp-image-1224780976jpg.jpg

Tuesday, 2/21: Dentist appointment. Got my car maintenance and some parts fixed in the shop. Thankfully Sam saved me from the long wait and picked me up for ramen at Shalala and boba at Teaspoon in Mountain View. Finished a book at Starbucks

Thursday, 2/23: Back to the dentist for a cavity filling. Hangout and dinner with the Lo FamilyIMG_20170223_181415.jpg

Thursday, 2/23: Missing photo of Denny’s hangout with Pillar friends after midweek

Friday, 2/24: National Clam Chowder Day – Boudin BOGO clam chowder bowl with MomIMG_20170224_132807.jpg

Friday, 2/24: Small Group hangout over dinner at Krung Thai and my first escape room which was so much fun even though we almost escapedIMG_20170224_191738.jpgIMG_20170224_220632.jpgIMG_20170224_220708 (1).jpg

Friday, 2/24: Missing photo of game night with Pillar friends

Saturday, 2/25: Homemade brunch with Pillar friends and rewatched La La LandIMG_20170225_114809.jpg

Saturday, 2/25: Dinner with family friends, seeing them two Saturdays in a rowIMG_20170225_191428.jpg

Sunday: Run and lunch with Joy at Demiyascreenshot_20170226-112029-1img_20170226_110536img_20170226_124612img_20170226_124630

Sunday, 2/26: Dinner with Pillar friends at QQ Noodleimg_20170226_182158

Now back to reality and work, but looking forward to Tahoe this weekend! Work hard, play hard!


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