Snowy Weekend in Tahoe

This past weekend was my annual ski trip to Tahoe with Pillar family plus a few of their coworkers and friends! It was a SNOWY weekend, the most snow I have ever seen in my life. I had so much fun from skiing, building my first snowman, making snow angels, having a snowball fight, and throwing fluffy snow in the air. But then the reality of the snow came in. While trying to leave early for church, we got stuck at our cabin because the small cars couldn’t get through the unplowed neighborhood streets. After waiting it out for a few hours and scraping ice off windshields, pushing stuck cars, and shoveling our way up the street, we finally got on the main road, but the drive was so dangerous! We could barely see the tail lights of the car in front of us and the snow banks on the side of the road, let alone the oncoming traffic in the snowstorm. So thankful that all 6 cars and 22 people made it home safely last night after our fun-filled weekend in Tahoe!

Friday night dinner at Burgers and Brew in Davis with my awesome car and a stomachache for the next few hours from eating too much, too late, too fast haha

7 hours later with traffic and the dinner stop in Davis, we were second to arrive at our cabin around 10:30pm and the other cars arrived within the next two hours

Enjoying the serenity of the winter wonderland at 7am on the porch to the backyard

Saturday morning breakfast: eggs and avocado toast, bacon, yogurt, juice, coffee

Skiing and snowboarding at Sierra at Tahoe

Back at the cabinwp-image-1780615546jpg.jpg

Fancy dinner: steak, lemon pasta, roasted brussel sprouts, italian chicken salad, kale salad

Allen’s specialty milkshake

Avalon and games


Sunday morning snow fun

Checking off Amanda’s bucket list – seeing falling snow

Attempt #1 to leave the cabin

Back to the cabin

All 3 small cars left behind plus Wilson’s SUV who paved the way out

Thank you to Wilson for planning the ski trip and making it happen this year!! To the drivers Chris, Alex, Allen, Jon, Wilson, and Jono for driving and bringing us home safely in traffic and the crazy snowstorm. To Gloria, Peter, Allen, and others for cooking delicious meals. To everyone in the group for the fun times in the cabin, on the slopes, in the car, and in the snow!!!


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