South Bay Eats: Kunjip and Moo Bar

Celebrated my best friend’s birthday and enjoyed our hangout and long overdue catch up over dinner and boba in the same plaza in Santa Clara! Thankful for Serena and 27 years of friendship!

Kunjip Restaurant: 1066 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

I found this place through Yelp when I was recovering from being sick in January and craving soupy noodles. While this wasn’t either of our first times, I brought Serena to try the galbi soup with clear noodles and short ribs that I really like. This Korean restaurant is authentic because so many Koreans go here to eat. The first time I came here I had to look over at how other tables used the bowl of green onions, the salt and pepper, the dipping sauce with jalapenos, and the scissors for the spicy turnip side dish. The galbi soup which is delicious comfort food and the crunchiness of the cucumber side dish make me want to keep coming back!

The Moo Bar: 1080 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

I tried the Thanks a Latte – matcha green tea latte (add 50¢) with cotton candy topping ($1.00). The cotton candy was fun for the photos and for someone who is a cotton candy lover for only a buck. They make the cotton candy around the straw of any drink and give a surprising amount of fluffiness. I ate all of the cotton candy first, washed my sticky hands, changed the sticky straw, and then finally had my drink. A bit of a hassle for a bit of fun. The drink was expensive at $5.44 and meh. I don’t see myself going back here after my first try, but it was a convenient dessert spot to hit up after dinner at Kunjip and get to catch up longer with my bestie. Fly afro boba, fly!



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