Chinese Tomato Beef with Egg 番茄牛肉蛋飯

I am glad to almost be done with spring parent teacher conferences. Since I completed and sent home report cards and mostly recuperated from the ski trip (see post, Snowy Weekend in Tahoe) last week, I have been finding time to get back into cooking, blogging, and reading this week.

I had the three simple ingredients, ground beef, tomatoes, and scrambled eggs, to make one of my childhood favorite home-cooked comfort foods, Chinese tomato beef with egg on rice!

1. Marinate ground beef with soy sauce, cornstarch, and sugar. Beat eggs. Cut tomatoes.

2. Separately scramble eggs with salt, cook ground beef, and cook tomatoes in a wok. 

3. Combine tomatoes, ground beef, and eggs.

4. Serve over rice!(This dish is lacking in greens, so not pictured is a whole plate of boiled lettuce with soy sauce.)


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