Open House with My First Grade Class

Last night’s Open House was very SUCCESSFUL!!! My classroom was PACKED with nearly 100 people during the hour, and 26 out of 30 students in my first grade class showed up with their families – parents, siblings, and relatives! It takes a lot of time and effort over weeks to get the classroom ready, so I am thankful to see that so many of them made the time and effort to attend Open House. I was so proud to watch my students show off what they have learned in first grade as their families celebrated their accomplishments and hard work with them! Checking off Open House means the end of the school year is just around the corner – 15 days with the students, 16 days including our last teacher day on June 9th! Enjoy a walkthrough of my first grade classroom in photos with the checklist that I make for students and families as a guide! (For the safety of children, I had to blot out as many names and faces as possible.)

Welcome to OPEN HOUSE with My First Grade Class!

360 degrees around my classroom


Back of the Classroom (starting from the door)

Please sign in here and walk around our classroom with the checklist on the clipboard as a guide!IMG_20170516_174555

Class Helpers: See if your child has a job in our classroom for these two weeks. Ask your child what is his/her favorite classroom job and why.

Classroom Photos: These were taken at multiple events over this school year.IMG_20170516_174550

Word Wall: Test your child to read and spell some of the 100 first grade sight words.IMG_20170516_174600

Behavior Chart: Ask your child what color he/she was on today – hopefully green!

First Grade End-of-the-Year Picnic Sign-up SheetIMG_20170516_174605

Back Table: Have your child solve some math problems using the math resources available on the table (place value blocks and 120 chart).IMG_20170516_174613

Writing Wall: Your child typed this poem on Google Classroom!  Students listened to The Important Book and wrote their own versions, following the pattern of the book. Look out for your child’s copy of our class book of poems after Young Author’s Fair on Friday!IMG_20170516_174609_20170517171811185

Large Windows Side of the Classroom

Spring Trees, Plants, and Butterflies: We have art every Friday! Find your child’s art projects. Have your child tell you what a plant needs to grow.IMG_20170516_174619IMG_20170516_174634

Butterflies: Have your child tell you the life cycle of a butterfly and some facts about butterflies. Look at the 4 chrysalises, but please DO NOT touch the butterfly house.IMG_20170516_174627

Front of the Classroom

Pronouns: Ask your child to use the pronouns in the pocket chart in sentences.

Calendar: Ask your child to tell you about today’s date and yesterday/today/tomorrow. Ask your child how many days we have been in school.

Slideshow: These were taken at multiple events over this school year. Enjoy!IMG_20170516_174641

Door Side of the Classroom

Animal Adaptations: Ask your child how animals survive and grow in the 3 habitats.IMG_20170516_174703

120 Chart: See if your child can count and write the numbers from 1 to 120!IMG_20170516_174708

At Your Child’s Desk

All About Me Book: Learn more about your child and take home this book tonight!

Art Vista Portfolio: Take home your child’s collection of Art Vista projects this year.IMG_20170516_174647

FULL HOUSE FOR OPEN HOUSE!!!!!IMG_20170516_182103


One thought on “Open House with My First Grade Class

  1. your class is SOOO neat and orderly!! it’s so nice to look at and I bet the kids feel at peace walking into a classroom that’s so clean and neat…Wish Noey had a teacher like you!


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