Mother’s Day 2017

Belated happy Mother’s Day! I am thankful for my mom and another opportunity to show my appreciation for her display of God’s love, selflessness, generosity, humility, and care towards me!

I had plans on Saturday to take my mom on a day trip to go hiking and explore and eat in SF, but it didn’t work out because my mom had some business to take care of. Instead, I stopped by the Sunnyvale Farmers Market after my doctor’s appointment and picked up some groceries, a bouquet of snapdragons and mums that I paired together, and Philz coffee to surprise my mom!

After running 5 miles on Sunday morning to finish week 1 of my 10 week training for my half marathon, I made breakfast with what we had at home – avocado egg toast and coffee!

About a month and a half ago, I made a dinner reservation for two at 6:00 PM at Black Sheep Brasserie in Downtown Willow Glen. When I bookmarked this place on Yelp a long time ago and even when I made the reservation, it was rated 4 stars, but recently dropped to 3.5 stars.

Decor and Ambience: A modern restaurant with light bulbs from the ceiling, succulents, a nice bar, and spacious seating indoor and outdoor. For Mother’s Day, the restaurant had a few tables occupied with early reservations, but some that weren’t filled until later reservations. The noise level was reasonable and ambience was casual. I liked the decor and ambience!

Service: Our server was so good! She was very nice, well-mannered, and gentle. She served our table, but had many other tables to serve and still did her job with calmness and politeness. The busboys were also attentive to our tables and cleared dishes off the table right away.

Food: While ambience and service was great, this meal was pretty good but the food was not good enough to want to come back. I would only order the mussels and fries again.

“Burnt” french onion soup with rich beef broth, gruyere crouton ($9) — I love cheese but this was too cheesy that it got really tiring to chew the gruyere so I didn’t eat all of the cheese in it

Mussels in saffron cream, pommes frites, aioli ($16) — best dish, mussels were big, generous amount of about 15 mussels, fries with aioli were so delicious

Pan roasted duck breast with peas and carrots, pearl onions, marcona almonds and mint ($29) – duck was good but a little fatty, we didn’t like the pairing with peas and carrots that weren’t cooked thoroughly. I mean who especially likes peas to have that be the side in an entree…

Despite what we thought about the food, Mom and I enjoyed our dinner! We checked off trying another restaurant in the South Bay, even though Nick’s Next Door will remain our favorite!

Black Sheep Brasserie: 1202 Lincoln Ave, Ste 30, San Jose, CA 95125


South Bay Eats: St. John’s Bar & Grill

St. John’s Bar & Grill: 510 Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, CA

ordered – Mushroom Burger ($4.67), Guaco Burger ($4.67)

In a plaza with many other restaurants near lots of office buildings, St. John’s Bar & Grill probably caters to lunch for the working people around the area. What is unique is its specials from Monday through Saturday, including half off burgers on Wednesday nights and all day Saturday. For the price of a burger at other fast food places, I’d much rather come here for a quality burger. Plus spacious seating with TVs makes it an affordable hangout spot for large groups!


TGIF on St. Patrick’s Day

TGIF! 🙌 Celebrated being done with 3 exhausting weeks of report cards and parent-teacher conferences 👩🏻‍🏫 with a rare chance to eat out for lunch on a minimum day with my mom at my family’s favorite restaurant – Yuki Sushi in Santa Clara 🍱🍣🍤, a nap to catch up on 💤, and a girls night in with a home-cooked dinner and green things (zucchini, guacamole, brussel sprouts) 🍴, animal facial masks 🐯🐶, and a nails party 💅. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️

Losing my voice from the exhaustion and overuse with conferences, but excited for this weekend with our guest speakers at tomorrow’s All Women’s Meeting and Sunday’s services!

Gospel Opportunity with a Stranger


The highlight of this photo is not the delicious breakfast burrito in front of me but Deb’s Bible opened up in front of her. Thank God for discipleship with Deb, which started this year and lead to a Gospel opportunity with a stranger at the coffee shop where Deb and I met up on Saturday! Just before I arrived, a 50 year old man at the next table saw Deb reading her Bible and struck up a conversation with us about faith for about 45 minutes. Deb and I were blessed with a unique opportunity to share the Gospel and be challenged to defend the faith with a stranger who was raised Catholic and curious about Christianity. Much of what we shared was not new to the man who grew up attending mass and Catholic school, knew the stories of God’s creation and Jesus’s life, visited a Christian church once, and has explored other religions, philosophies, and ideas, including Buddhism and science. We got to share the simple message of the Gospel, God’s mercy and grace in sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross that no god of any other religion has done to bring salvation to man, and the freedom and hope that we have in our personal relationship with God. We answered some of his questions and realized our own lack of knowledge about other major religions and science. It convicted us to memorize Scripture so that we can use the Bible to defend the faith. After the man left the coffee shop, we prayed that God would grow the seed planted in his heart. I found it soul-satisfying to preach the Gospel not only to the stranger but also to myself. Praise God that we are not saved by our own understanding of an incomprehensible God but by God’s grace in opening our eyes to know and trust in Him!

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. –John 14:6

Coffee and More: 100 S Murphy Ave #1, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
ordered – breakfast burrito ($6.95) and medium roast Brazil fresh brewed coffee ($2.00)

South Bay Eats: Kunjip and Moo Bar

Celebrated my best friend’s birthday and enjoyed our hangout and long overdue catch up over dinner and boba in the same plaza in Santa Clara! Thankful for Serena and 27 years of friendship!

Kunjip Restaurant: 1066 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

I found this place through Yelp when I was recovering from being sick in January and craving soupy noodles. While this wasn’t either of our first times, I brought Serena to try the galbi soup with clear noodles and short ribs that I really like. This Korean restaurant is authentic because so many Koreans go here to eat. The first time I came here I had to look over at how other tables used the bowl of green onions, the salt and pepper, the dipping sauce with jalapenos, and the scissors for the spicy turnip side dish. The galbi soup which is delicious comfort food and the crunchiness of the cucumber side dish make me want to keep coming back!

The Moo Bar: 1080 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

I tried the Thanks a Latte – matcha green tea latte (add 50¢) with cotton candy topping ($1.00). The cotton candy was fun for the photos and for someone who is a cotton candy lover for only a buck. They make the cotton candy around the straw of any drink and give a surprising amount of fluffiness. I ate all of the cotton candy first, washed my sticky hands, changed the sticky straw, and then finally had my drink. A bit of a hassle for a bit of fun. The drink was expensive at $5.44 and meh. I don’t see myself going back here after my first try, but it was a convenient dessert spot to hit up after dinner at Kunjip and get to catch up longer with my bestie. Fly afro boba, fly!