High School Cross Country to 10K Turkey Trot 

To get ready for my 10K Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving Day, I planned to run 4 miles today after stopping my training for the last 1.5 weeks. I ran all the way to the Rose Garden near my house and caught this pretty view at golden hour, but ended up running 6 miles to get back home! My legs are crying in pain right now. Maybe I was a little too determined, pushing myself to 6 miles…


High school cross country trained me quite well to pace for long distance. 9:07 average pace!


Right before my run, I picked up the race bibs and shirts for the Turkey Trot, which I will be running with my friend Anita, my brother Lawrence, and my sister-in-law Katie! This will be my FIRST RACE SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! I realized it has been exactly 10 years since my last cross country race in senior year. So crazy how fast time flies! For senior superlatives, I was voted “Most likely to be the next NYC Marathon Runner” with my cross country co-captain Brad. Next year will already be my 10-year high school reunion, and I have to make my first half marathon happen! Oakland half in April or SF half in July, whichever one I choose, I need to sign up.


This made me reminisce my 4 years of high school cross country so I dug up throwback photos! I was really tan. Running 5 miles was no big deal. I was team captain both junior and senior year, but this does not mean I was fast. In junior year, the varsity team and I went to Hawaii for an invitational, and I got “Most Improved” at the end of the season. Most importantly, I miss running at my peak and having running buddies to make running fun and distract me from the pain!

img_0479varsityteamhawaii-teamimg_9798_edited-2img_1253-junior-girls-and-varsity-boys-except-kunukfinishing-race-at-ccsJamba Juice Day.jpgimg_1529-junior-girls-professionalgirls-tie-dye-dayJV Girls team.jpgimg_6874-olga-laurel-bri-tariniimg_6961img_7047-bri-laurel-olgaimg_7058-captains-coachesimg_20161121_215042

Hoping my legs will recover quickly and I can rest up until the Turkey Trot on Thursday!


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